.Return Policy as of 1/28/2022


Returns are only available for Defective products and wrong size exchanges. There is no return on custom products unless there is a MAJOR issue with how the product was made. Customer has to provide written proof that there is an error. All returns are subject to individual judgment by BGreekApparel.com.


Defective Products:


10 days after receipt of shipment. Exchange only if product is defective. Customer can exchange an item that does not fit for another item with the same vendor only. No refund on previous shipping costs, unless determined otherwise by B Greek Apparel.


-Original Tags must still be on any defective products


-Must send pictures within 7 days of receiving the product that clearly show that it is defective.


Custom Orders


Custom orders can not be returned unless there is an issue that can be proven with 72 hours of the customer receiving the product.  All issues with customer items must be documented within that 72 hour period by photographic evidence accompanied by a written statement of the issue of the product.  Once a product is customized, a customer can not switch it out. If the customer has ordered the wrong size, B Greek Apparel reserves the right to negotiate a responsible price to renegotiate the recreation of the product.  Custom items are not able to be sold again as soon as they are custom, therefore are not eligible for any other exchange policy. Defects must be proven to be significantly different from other previously created items or original product picture available on BGreekApparel.com


Standard Jacket Notice:

We commonly use 2 brands of jackets depending on availability of sizes.  Augusta & Paradise point.  Both brands are unisex.  With Augusta on sizes like Small and medium it is very common that the right pocket may be sewn together to fit the letters on the jacket.  While we prefer to use Paradise point, you may receive either brand.  There is not a way for us to select one over the other as we purchase Paradise point as the first option.  So if it is available in the size and color you are ordering, you will receive that specific brand.  Augusta will be used when Paradise point is not an option.

Platinum-Only comes in Augusta

Pink  & Khaki only comes in Paradise point.

*In order for us to complete group orders that contain line jackets, we will go with the brand that has all sizes.  This includes, new member bags, grab bags and line jacket group orders.


Wrong size exchange:


Customer must pay shipping both ways plus a 15% restocking fee. If product is damaged or used, the vendor has the right to deny any return. To dispute any claim, contact us. Custom items can not be returned or exchanged. Please view size charts prior to making a purchase. 


at sales@BGreekApparel.com.


-Original Tags must still be on any Exchange


-Custom products are not returnable because of size unless the customer was sent a size different from what was ordered.  All items accepted outside of the website (at an event) is assumed as the correct size as soon as the customer has taken the product from the event.  Items ordered via the website will have sizes selected in the system. Selection of this size will be proof of the size ordered.


Sale  Products: BGreekApparel.com is not required in any way to take back any sale items.  Wrong size exchanges will only be considered if sizes are available. Customer must still pay shipping both ways.  Exchanges must be done within 10 days after receipt of shipment. If product shows signs of wear or uses, BGreekApparel.com reserves the right to deny the product exchange with shipping at the expense of the customer.


-Original Tags must still be on any Exchange


Exchange Limit: Only 1 exchange FOR ANY REASON, is permitted


Cancellation Policy:  You can ONLY cancel before your item has been shipped out.  However all cancellation will come with a 10% restocking fee.  If your item has been shipped, you can mark as return to sender.  You WILL however be charged the shipping fee since the item was shipped to you.  BGreekApparel.com will not take back any worn, damaged or missing products for sanitary and product control reasons.  B Greek Apparel Inc. reserves the right to change this and any policies at our digression.


Custom/Group Orders: Custom orders or Group Orders are non refundable no exceptions.


Fraud/Theft By Taking/ False Statements


False statements or attempts to file invalid claims will not just be settled through merchants.  It is not acceptable to have received and are not returned or accept delivery of an item eligible for return and the buyer files a claim with any of our processors or their credit card company under false pretenses.  This will not only be handled by the processor. We reserve the right to pursue criminal charges such as theft by deception or interstate fraud. B Greek Apparel reserves the right to file civil lawsuits or pursue criminal charges for any situation where someone receives a product and attempts to pay for it or force a refund without agreed terms.  This is true no matter what the decision of the processor is and can be handled in our local courts.


Return Address


The below address is where you would return your item to. However, if you ship back prior to contacting us you are doing it at your own risk. With size exchanges you are responsible for the shipping to us and the shipping of the corrected item back to you. The return shipping has to be paid prior to us shipping it back to you.


Please ensure prior to shipping back to us that you do send us an email to orders@bgreekapparel.com to advise of the shipping to along with the tracking number. 


B Greek Apparel Inc
Return/Exchange Department
1709 Gornto Rd # 246
Valdosta GA 31601-8406