• BGreekApparel.com Shipping Policy Updated 02/01/2021
    •    We would like to get things to you as quickly as possible.
    •    We try to ship most products within 5 business days. Custom and Cardigan orders are shipped within 16 business days. There could be up to an additional 5 business days during regional conference, homecoming and new member induction seasons.
    •    We Do Not offer expedited shipping. If needed, contact us directly and we will try (but not guarantee) to get it to you quicker. We do not “profit” from shipping; you are “normally” charged what we are charged;
    • We Do Not offer expedited shipping. Yes we are saying it again! You are more than welcome to contact us Before you order.  We will make decisions on a situation by situation basis.  If you decide you would like to cancel because you are not going to receive it on time, you can do so.  We will charge the restocking fee and shipping fee if they apply.  We also reserve the right to refuse business in the future if we deem necessary.  
    •    We prefer to under-commit and over deliver. We try to exceed expectations on every order.
    • ***** CORONAVIRUS Update*****  Due to unexpected changes in our supply chain and the fact that we custom make 90% of our items on order, there may be short delays in your orders.  We are also receiving more orders  than normal as people are at home and ordering more of our items.  So if there is a short delay, we will do our best to ship it out as soon as possible.  If you have any questions about your order you can email us using the “contact us” form on the top or footer menu.  However please allow up to an additional 5 business days to complete your order.
    • When contacting us regarding your order we will respond back to your email within 48 hours. Repeated emails to us regarding your order will not expedite the response process. 

    Our primary shipping service is UPS and USPS . Both are “ground” services that take at least 5-7 business days from coast-to-coast (our products ship from each individual vendor from all over the country).

    Delivery Time

    Delivery Time is dependent on 2 factors:

    1. “Availability”. Every product detail’s page will show a value similar to “Usually Ships in 5-7 business days”. We do our best to ship items out as quickly as possible, so we often get orders out more quickly than is noted by the “Availability” time frame, but please do not count on that.
    1. The method of delivery – Our products are most commonly shipped through USPS and Stamps.com but can be shipped through any source depending on the vendors preferences.
    2. We ship your item according to the shipping method chosen at checkout. 

    Additionally, please note that delivery time is also based on “business” days. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, it’s impossible for us to ship an item the same day as all the shippers are closed.

    ****Priority Mail by USPS**** Is their brand name which we use for all our packages and shipping calculations.  It does not in any way mean insinuate an expected time for shipping or delivery.  Priority mail is the only option we offer and is not express.  In most cases priority will deliver in 2-3 business days after the item has shipped.  So if you have a normal item please estimate up to 7 business days to ship (be dropped off to the post office) then 2-3 days to be delivered (arrive in your mailbox/home).  After being dropped off, the item will begin to update with tracking within 24 hours.  Also, after drop off, USPS is in full control of the package and its speed.  It is normal for USPS to ship slower between Thanksgiving and New Years.

  • Calculating Cost We do not profit from shipping. Shipping costs are calculated on the website automatically during Checkout based on the weight of the items you are purchasing.International Shipping There is no option for international shipping. If you would like to have something shipped outside the country to somewhere else (besides a military base) please contact us directly and a decision can be made on a case by case situation. We will ship to Military bases!

4.  When you purchase multiple items, your shipping time will be based on the item with the longest shipping time.  We DO NOT break up shipping.  As you pay for shipping once, you will get 1 shipment.  Postage is expensive even with our bulk discounts.  We pass on those savings to you.  If you want your packages with different ETAs faster, consider placing orders with custom and/or 16 business day items separate from other items.